Thursday, October 29, 2009

I love the Amish!!

Every year a group of us girls takes a “Girl’s Weekend” this same time of year.    We usually spend the whole weekend shopping and basically doing whatever we want to do.  :-)  I really think it is important to have some time with just the girls to talk, laugh, shop, laugh, vent, laugh, eat, laugh, eat and really have fun.

Last weekend was girl’s weekend.   We had such a great time.  We shopped til we dropped – and sadly for me the drop happened earlier than I expected.   Not sure why but I lost my shopping groove early….could have been the weather – it rained ALL the livelong day.   But we’re troopers and we forged ahead!!!   I didn’t do too much damage (cough**lie**cough).  

I did discover a new love – one that is like that boyfriend you had as a teenager with a motorcycle or a fast car – sooooo not good for you – and yet so good!!   We hit an Amish grocery store called Walnut Creek Cheese and let me tell you I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  This place was amazing!!!     They had it all – bulk food, mixes, cheese homemade candy.   But the bakery was my favorite place of all – and where I found my fast car boyfriend – the fry pie.

fry pie

Doesn’t that look amazing??!!  It was heavenly with the flaky crust and the fruity deliciousness on the inside and that sweet glaze on the outside!!   Oh my.   The best part was that each of them were in individual baggies and there was steam on the inside of the baggie because they had taken them right out of the oven.   Good thing I only bought 8.   I could seriously overdose on the fry pie.  

All in all (even despite the rain) we had a great weekend and I just love those gals.  I feel rejuvenated and already looking forward to next year so I can buy 3 dozen fry pies spend some quality time with my girls.

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Kristi said...

Oh my those look good! Funny that I just posted last night about our trip to the state fair and my fast car boyfriend ~ a deep fried moon pie!
Weekends with the girls are the best! Glad you enjoyed!