Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well now…….

that was one serious break!   Yes, I took a very long and very much needed break from things.    I say needed but what I really mean is neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeded.   I got to the point where I was not in a good place emotionally for many reasons and I decided I needed to step back and regroup and really just find my mojo again.   Well guess what……….I found it!   I’m feeling much better about most things – some not so much – but most.  I’m in a better place and my mind is clear of some unnecessary thoughts.  

Back in June my mom and I took Karly to see Dora Live!!!!  To say she was excited would be a severe understatement.   She was thrilled!   Here she is looking adorable in her Dora dress waiting so patiently for Dora to appear.


Then in July hubby and I took a much needed trip South.  We went to the Keys for a few days. It was beautiful.  We had the best time.   We stayed at a gorgeous resort - Hawks Cay.  It was very relaxing. 

Hawks Cay my feet

We drove down to Key West and spent a day just roaming around – love, love, love the whole vibe of the Keys – laid back and not a care in the world.   It was exactly what I needed – that’s where I found my mojo – it was hiding in the Keys.   Who would have thought?!

Key West2

And why don’t they make these in women’s sizes???!!!!   :-)


Football season is upon us – GO BUCKS!!!!


Kristi said...

How did I not realize you were a Buckeye? My dad did his graduate work at there and I remember much college football as a kid. When the Hokies aren't playing channel surf for the Buckeyes!
So glad that your break allowed you to refocus. I'm trying not to be jealous of your vacation...

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

I am glad you found your mojo! Love the pic with your feet in it!

Those pants are hideous! LOL! I was looking for an Illini pair like that for my hubby! LOL!