Thursday, September 10, 2009

Holding on Tight

Karly spent the weekend with Hubby and I a couple of weeks ago.   It was painfully hot outside so we were looking for something “cool” to do (cool as in not hot and cool as in fun for her – we are are a full service Aunt/Uncle).  

We ended up taking her to the mall and going to Build A Bear.  That was my very first time in BAB.  Wow was it fun.   It was surprisingly not crowded so she had a blast making her bear and giving it a bath (who knew??) and looking at each and every piece of clothing that they had in the store, which was a lot!  I couldn’t believe how many outfits they had for those bears!   Anyway she had a great time and picked out a really cute bear and a cute outfit.   She named her Lilly and she held her tight the rest of the day!

karly and friend

We then took her to a picnic we were invited to.  We didn’t stay long because it was really hot.   But what we didn’t know was that they were going to have a pool!!!   She was so excited but we hadn’t brought her bathing suit so what else is a good Aunt to do?   I stripped her down and she went in her undies and an extra t-shirt.   She had the best time but it obviously wore her out because this is what she looked like before we got out of the parking lot!!!!   Notice she is still holding on tight to the carrot sticks that she snagged as we were leaving.    According to her it was”the best day”!!!  Makes me happy.

karlysleeping2 *forgive the quality of the photos – both were taken with my iPhone.

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Kristi said...

You know they've had a good time when they fall asleep holding food in the car!
Too cute!