Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Say What???

My niece Karly has suddenly become the Word Police. If someone says something, anything, that this cute little 3 year old deems to be "inappropriate" she is quick to tell them that they have said a bad word (this includes words that are not bad as well - like gosh and darn). It's kind of cute but also kind of annoying - it got to the point that every time I said "Oh my ...." followed by any other word she blew her police whistle and busted me.

So I decided to give myself a break and teach her that some words were okay to say - and maybe even fun. We learned that golly is okay and so is gosh. Then I decided, being the fun aunt that I am, to teach her a fun word - dagnabbit - now really, isn't it a fun word to say?? The only problem is that the way she hears it said and the way she repeats it are not exactly the same. :-) But she is convinced that this is how you say dagnabbit.

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