Monday, December 15, 2008

A long, long time ago....

I remember a time when I was going to be better about keeping up this blog. Well that day came and went and here I am....months later and no better at it than I was. Lots of things have happened since I updated last but I'll just hit the most important.

We unfortunately lost Crombie in June. His heart just finally gave out and he couldn't make it anymore. We miss him terribly and our house has not been the same since. Riley grieved hard for a couple of weeks but he got some special attention and that helped him get over it. Ella? Well I'm honestly not sure she noticed. She's kind of into her own world and I don't think she thinks much about what might be going on around her. Kind of a Diva.

Some new pictures of the nieces/nephew - okay well they are not "new" - they are from June but I'll post some NEW pictures soon.

Cutie Pie
All of the "N" kids

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