Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween – Finally. :-)

So it took me a few days to go through the 100’s of pictures I took on Halloween of the kids and pick out a couple of good ones.   Every year we go to my sister’s for Trick or Treating – for a couple of reasons.   Number one - we love those kids and have the best time T or T’ing with them.   Number 2 – we live up on a hill and as sad as it is, kids will walk right past our house instead of walking up our driveway to get candy.   Now little to they know that I have always been THE house on the street with the good candy.  I buy full size candy bars people!!!   But they don’t know that – they are too lazy to come up the hill to get candy!   What is this world coming to??!!!    When I was a kid we would have walked on our knuckles in the snow all uphill to get to the house with the good candy (although that may explain why I’m not a size 0). 

So we turn all the lights off and head to my sister’s to Trick or Treat.   The little ones were so cute.   Curtis was Harry Potter!  Karly was a kitty cat and Hopie was the cutest Dumbo ever!!!   We had such a great time.

curtis and karly


Karly spent the night with us before Halloween and of course we ended up going to the mall to Build A Bear.   Hey, I’m the aunt – I’m allowed to spoil them all I want.  :-)  I guess giving life to a bear really is exhausting.


That can’t possibly be comfortable.    But it’s cute.

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Kristi said...

Very cute batch of Trick-or-Treaters! Love the snitching of candy early. I had one of those kiddos too!